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Kala Market Performace

Kala is traded on the pro-bit and white-bit exchange

Kala Performance

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The Kala Blockchain

The Kala Blockchain was created in 2017. On July 2nd, 2018 at 10:35:06 am the Kala blockchain became fully functional. The Kala Blockchain is built on the proven and very stable SHA256. Fully featured on the blockchain is the Kala Wallet that holds multiple coins. The Kala Blockchain features flexible integration with a spectrum of industries and businesses.

Kala Coin

There are 21 Billion Kala Coins in supply

Kala coin is listed on multiple exchanges (Probit and Whitebit).

There are 2 PetaHash in Mining with 2200 unique mining groups.

Kala coin has 1M Blocks

Kala Wallet

There are tens of thousands of Wallet Users. The Kala wallet was built in house to give the Kala development team more control over feature set and security. The wallet can hold multiple cryptocurrencies. At the moment Bitcoin and Kala are currently held in the wallet. In the future, more coins will be added. Buy, sell, send, and receive Bitcoin inside the Kala Wallet.

Kala Pro Wallet

  • Receive your own private Bitcoin wallet keys. You have control over your wallet. Private key recovery is also available.
  • Bitcoin insurance policies available that protect against theft and hacking. Policies to protect BTC are offered in USD amounts of $1,000, $10,000, and $100,000. These policies are offered by Coincover.
  • Your insurance policy is notarized on the blockchain. Manage your BTC send fees by choosing different send priorities. Faster = higher fees.
  • Coincover Theft Cover is the insurance available and protects you from, brute force attacks, Cyber Attacks, Phishing Software, Malicious Software, Trojans, Worms, Hacking, Device Theft, Insider Attacks, and Criminal Extortion.

* Theft Cover provided by Coincover is insurance backed protection from cryptocurrency theft - underwritten by Lloyd’s of London insurers


The Kala Blockchain and accompanying coin will also be used as a rewards program. The rewards program will be powered by the Kala Blockchain. The Kala Rewards Program is an easy and efficient way to distribute and manage rewards points. All rewards points are held and verifiable on the blockchain. All rewards points are clearly and easily displayed in the Kala Wallet. Reward points can be redeemed for discounts, goods, or services. Reward points can be converted into other currencies if made available. Points can be exclusive or used in a universal system.

Digital Notarization

The Kala blockchain was purpose-built as a record keeping system. This system is called the “Kala Digital Notarization” system. The problem of proper record keeping, attribution, ownership, and verification has created conflict between individuals all throughout history. With the power of the Kala Blockchain, these age old disputes can finally have quick and appropriate measures of resolution. Because of the innate decentralized nature of blockchain, manipulating records like real estate transactions, purchases, boundary lines, origins, etc., become extremely difficult…nigh impossible. This technology can essentially be used to resolve issues in any industry that requires record keeping. Here are a few examples: Real estate, insurance, medical records, mining, livestock, chain of title, vehicles, shipping, supply chain, commissions, rewards programs, etc. This sort of notarization of assets has been popularized as ‘NFT’s.’

Kala Blockchain Ecosystem

The Kala Blockchain technology The Kala wallet Holds Cryptocurrencies Insurance available to protect cryptocurrency assets. Holds asset records or other information. Future: Rewards program Future: Kala Card to give accessibility and convenience to everyday purchases. Internal exchange that removes current barriers of cryptocurrency adoption and makes exchanging BTC to fiat in real time very simple.

Projects Powered by Kala Blockchain

  1. Clear Ledger Icon

    Clear Ledger

    • Clear Ledger is upsetting the norms of traditional payment solutions.
    • This is an enterprise payment solution based on blockchain technology.
    • This payment solution can be deployed in various ways that includes crypto currencies, fiat currencies, and point rewards. These can be integrated as a la carte or in any chosen combination.
    • Aggressively reduced fees over traditional payout methods.
    • Quickly and easily make compensation payments to sales teams and affiliates, You can also use Clear ledger for employee payroll, accounts payable, invoices, etc.
    • All transactions and reports are auditable and displayed in an easy to use dashboard.
    • Transactional data is also hashed on the blockchain to keep it secure and unmanipulated. These hashed items are easily searchable.
    • Included measures like two factor authentication and a multi-signature transaction approval system give a layered approach to security and accountability.
  2. Agriculture Icon

    Agriculture Management

    • Livestock, produce product, and supply chain are massive industries in the world. It is becoming more important everyday to track the details of our food. The agricultural industry wants efficiency and less loss. Consumers want to know what, when, where, and how their food has been treated.
    • The Kala Blockchain can be used to track the history from farm to table of food products. Products with terms like certified organic , ethical, non-gmo, or grass fed can actually be validated and enforceable.

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