2017 could be called the “year of cryptocurrency” with a record number of ICOs and new coins. However, a recent study shows that 80% of last year’s ICOs were scams! (Cointelegraph. July 13,2018. “New Study says 80% of ICOs conducted in 2017 Were Scams.”) But don’t worry, Kala’s wasn’t one of the them.

In a market inundated with fraud, Kala continues to rise above the statistics, proving value in ways that other coins simply can’t match. As one of the few coins doing things RIGHT, we are setting the stage for how cryptocurrency and blockchain should be approached, with future sustainability in mind.


Kala’s Got It All

  • Over 6,400 Kala users
  • Millions of coins sold
  • Our own blockchain – already built and running
  • A growing network of people mining Kala
  • Pre-configured hardware
  • An international network
  • Top legal counsel from Jones Day
  • A plan to fortify longevity and value

With innovative elements like these, it’s no wonder Kala is quickly becoming the cryptocurrency and blockchain opportunity everyone is diving into.

Taking Action to Establish Long-Term Value and Success

Dedicated to operating with the highest level of transparency, our Kala team is strategic and careful with each step we take. We understand that lasting value isn’t about getting on an exchange, but starts with a solid foundation and then builds upon that. Take a look at a few of the milestones we’ve completed since March 2018:

  • Completed successful ICO – selling millions of Kala in 4 months
  • Issued Kala to purchasers
  • Launched a new Kala Blockchain on a fork of Bitcoin
  • Hundreds of people already mining Kala
  • Designed & launched new Kala crypto walleT

And we’re not done yet! In the coming months, our team will continue to work on:

  • Building Kala’s network
  • Reaching a Target Hash Power Threshold
  • Facilitating the value of Kala by offering ways to buy and sell
  • Fully integrating Kala into our growing ecosystem
  • Getting on or creating an exchange opportunity

All of these milestones have been carefully designed to ensure that Kala isn’t a flash in the pan cryptocurrency, like so much of our competition has turned out to be. Our Kala miners can have security in knowing that we aren’t like 80% of those out there–and we prove it with each milestone we hit.

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Don’t Wait Another Mining Minute

Each day, millions of Kala are being mined and shared among all those mining. Get your own Kala Rig and be part of the network that is surpassing the competition!

All Kala Rig orders go through our exclusive supplier, Mintage Mining. To purchase a Group 2 Kala Rig, follow these quick and simple steps:

For questions, please contact our Customer Support portal.

Group 2 Kala Rigs are selling quickly! Don’t let this innovative opportunity pass you by!

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