Not only are blockchain and cryptocurrency making waves in the business world, they have also opened up new opportunities through crypto mining. Hundreds of Kala Rig owners are already mining and earning thousands of Kala each month. Priced to bring value and opportunity, Kala Rigs differ from other mining rigs you can purchase because they:

  1. Come fully configured and provide direct access to the Kala network
  2. Are the ONLY way to mine Kala until the blockchain is released to the public

Kala Owners Never Pay Full Price

Manufacturers often determine the price of mining rigs based on the ROI probability, which for effective mining rigs is usually between 10-12 months. Rig performance and prices vary, and while you can find cheap mining rigs, you’ll get what you pay for, ultimately landing you with a cheap piece of hardware and poor mining capacity.

To calculate the price of the Kala rig, several factors must be taken into account. These factors include industry standards, the exclusive opportunity to mine Kala, and the Kala price at the close of the ICO at $.02. With these variables, industry standards would value the Kala Rig at a price of $8,000.

However, Symatri is offering early supporters a much lower price. As part of the exclusive Kala Community, you can purchase Group 2 Kala Rigs at the special price of only $4,000 USD (shipping and taxes not included).

Kala Rigs are not only priced below industry norms, and have a probable ROI of less than a year, they also give you:

  • Direct mining access to Kala network
  • The chance to mine and earn thousands of Kala
  • Earn Kala valued at $.02 at the close of the ICO
  • Own a safe & protected Kalla crypto wallet
  • Be part of a growing, secure network
  • Open the door to future Kala applications

5 Reasons to Jump into Kala Rigs

Did you miss the other 4 reasons Kala Rigs are an incredible opportunity? Check them out:

  1. Kala’s Innovative Blockchain Opportunity
  2. Kala Beats the Competition
  3. Kala Rewards Early Adopters
  4. Kala’s Growing Ecosystem

How to Purchase Your Kala Rig

All Kala Rig orders go through our exclusive supplier, Mintage Mining. To purchase a Group 2 Kala Rig, follow these quick and simple steps:

For questions, please contact our Customer Support portal.

With so many benefits and opportunities available to you through Kala Rigs, what are you waiting for?

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