What If….

You were given the chance to go back in time and be one of the first to mine Bitcoin? Would you take it?

Bitcoin’s first miners:

  • Could earn 200 BTC in two days
  • Today’s (August 2018) 200 BTC Value  = Over $1.2 million

Not bad for two days of mining work!

Those who get in early on disruptive technology/businesses often enjoy the largest rewards. Just think, if you were part of the start of Google, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, or Bitcoin, you’d be very happy today.

This Is Your Chance to Be First

It’s not often that you have the chance to be in on the ground floor of something, but right now you have the opportunity to be one of the first to mine Kala in our Group 2 of mining.

Being a Group 2 Kala Miner Gives You:

  • Direct access to mine & earn through Kala’s distributed network
  • Ability to earn thousands of Kala within your first month alone
  • Personal Kala Wallet–Safely store, send, & connect with anyone who has a Kala Wallet

Be Rewarded for Your Mining Efforts

Billions of Kala will be created through mining in the first year alone, with a controlled supply distribution.

  • 18 billion Kala through mining
  • 50% released through mining in years 1-4
  • Percentage halves every 4 years until total is reached
  • The number of Kala being created will be distributed based on rig performance and other factors between all the rigs actively mining Kala each day.
  • Largest mining rewards go to the people in the first 4 years of Kala’s lifespan

Get Your Calculators Ready!

  • Total # of Kala Released Daily (for the first 4 years) = Approx. 6 Million
  • Total # of Group 1 Miners = 750
  • Total # of Group 2 Miners = 2,500

Which means…Each day app.  6,000,000 Kala are released to at most 3,250 miners (at app. 4 TH/s each) until Group 2 sells out.

We’ll let you do the math! How many Kala could you possibly mine in a day?

(Hint: The answer is a good one!)

NOTE: This information is for example purposes only. Mining results are based on several factors, such as rig performance and total network hash power, and is not an equal distribution among miners.

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It

“I’ve been mining Kala since July and have earned Kala every day! In only one month, I earned hundreds of thousands of Kala. It is so exciting to have a Kala Rig and I will highly recommend them to my friends.”  –Christin C.

“I have had a great experience with my Kala Rig! The initial estimate was that I would be able to mine thousands of Kala which covered my initial cost of my Kala Rig.  I know a few people who started mining Bitcoin years ago and they benefited greatly, but now the competition is making it too difficult. Thanks to my Kala Rig, I am able to participate from the very beginning when mining is the most lucrative with a new coin that has real inherent value and real utility.” – Jeremy J.

Blockchain and cryptocurrency are predicted to revolutionize the way we transact, and those who are part of it near the beginning will reap the highest rewards.

There’s only a limited number of Group 2 rigs available; this is an opportunity you don’t want to miss!

How to Purchase Your Kala Rig

All Kala Rig orders go through our exclusive supplier, Mintage Mining. To purchase a Group 2 Kala Rig, follow these quick and simple steps:

For questions, please contact our Customer Support portal.

Take advantage of your chance to get in first, and jump at the Kala Rig opportunity before it takes off!  

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