White Paper

Read our white paper for full details on the integration of Kala into the existing Symatri Ecosystem, the opportunity offered through our ICO, and full ICO details. Click below for our most recent version.


Why It’s Different


Inherent Value

What makes any medium of exchange valuable is whether or not owners can use it to for real world transactions. Unlike other cryptocurrency tokens, Kala will have inherent value because it can be spent on a wide array of products and services on our REACH marketplace (once integrated).


Proof of Effort and Proof of Work

Kala makes cryptocurrency accessible through traditional crypto mining or through our unique way of “mining” through Proof of Effort. The Proof of Effort process is simple—complete activities through our CORE platform and earn CORE points, then transfer those into Kala. Anyone with a computer or smartphone can participate.


Existing Ecosystem

You don’t have to wait for a platform to be built in order to participate in the Kala Economy. CORE and REACH are both existing platforms that are being used, tested, and improved before integrating Kala. As Symatri expands its ecosystem, the economic possibilities for users are heightened.