Recently, we shared new milestones as we work toward building long-term value for Kala. These are strategic steps to establish a strong foundation before going on a public exchange in mid-2019.

One of the key milestones is working with partners in integrating Kala to build out the Kala economy. As Kala’s advisory team has been working on this important process, we are excited with the direction and progress being made.

First Kala Integration

Our first partner to integrate Kala will be Nui, a network marketing company with members in over 100 countries. Their members have already been involved with Kala mining and earning points through the CORE platform that can be exchanged into Kala (once integration is complete).

Beginning in March 2019, Kala will be a payment option for Nui membership. This will offer several benefits:

  • Introduces another use for Kala
  • Expands the market of people looking to acquire Kala of their own
  • Provides a new influx of users looking to trade for Kala (prospective Nui members will go onto Kala Listings to obtain Kala to buy their membership)
  • Broadens the Kala community
  • Adds more value to Kala

As we move forward, we are evaluating and adjusting as needed to provide the greatest long-term value and stability for Kala. With the Nui integration on the horizon, the Kala Advisory team has decided to wait to launch Kala Listings until the end of January 2019 to establish a more solid demand for Kala trading.

We understand that this is a month’s delay, and have therefore negotiated an opportunity that will allow the Kala community to accumulate more Kala for when the Listings platform goes live.

Additional Opportunity for Kala Users

Have you wanted to participate in mining Kala but couldn’t at the $4,000 Kala rig price? You’re in luck! Our Kala community now has a unique opportunity for the next 6 weeks.

Not long ago, Nui unveiled incremental Kala mining contracts for their members: 50 GH ($50), 100 GH ($100), 500 GH ($500), and 1000 GH ($1,000). Thanks to a membership promotion leading up to Kala integration, anyone can join Nui for FREE through the end of January 2019–and start mining Kala on hardware owned by Mintage Mining for as low as $50 (plus monthly maintenance fees that cover electricity and internet costs).

If you are interested in earning commissions on referrals, that is also an option. Whether or not you participate in anything else Nui has to offer, with their promotion you can start inexpensive, no-fuss Kala mining and get ready for Listings.

For more information on Nui’s Kala mining products, see their post Introducing 3 Ways to Mine Kala. Read Nui’s post, Join for Free Now Through January, for more details on Nui’s free membership promotion. Click below to take advantage of this new opportunity.

Stay tuned for more announcements as we ramp up our journey to the public exchange.