The Kala Advisory Team’s goal has always been to establish long-term value and stability for Kala. As we move further into 2019, we’re happy at the progress we’re making. Take a look!


Our private, peer-to-peer Kala trading platform is live and free for all Kala Wallet users. (Visit Kala Listings Is Now Live for more details.)


CORE users can now redeem earned points for Kala. (CORE is currently open to Nui Social members only; you can access the platform with their free membership promotion through March 1st. Click HERE to enroll for free.)


We are taking steps to further integrate Kala, starting with our first partner, Nui Social. Beginning in March 2019, Kala will be a payment option for Nui membership. This will offer several benefits: another use for Kala, expanding the market of people looking to acquire Kala of their own, broadening the Kala community, and adding more value to Kala. (Visit Upcoming Kala Integration Expands Kala Opportunity for more details.)

In case you didn’t hear, you can now mine Kala with incremental GH mining contracts through Nui Social: 50 GH ($50), 100 GH ($100), 500 GH ($500), and 1000 GH ($1,000). Join Nui for free with their current promotion and enjoy inexpensive, no-fuss Kala mining. You can choose whether or not to participate in anything else Nui has to offer.

Make sure you have your free Kala Wallet ready for future milestones. Haven’t opened a Kala Wallet or transferred your Kala from the ICO? Follow these instructions to get started.

Stay tuned for more updates as we work toward getting Kala on a public exchange in mid-2019 with a strong foundation built around value.