Nearly one year ago, Kala’s path began with the goal of creating a coin that could bring lasting value to an unpredictable market. After months of forward-progress, Kala’s vision has been sharpened as the Kala Advisory team announces new milestones for the coming months.

This roadmap is designed with Kala’s strategic plan in mind: to get on an exchange at the right time, with the right framework, and ultimately at the right value, thus avoiding the common pitfalls of hundreds of coins who jump to an exchange too soon.

Kala’s next steps will build upon our most recent milestones, like the launch of the Kala Wallet and the growth of Kala mining network. With that in mind, we are excited to reveal Kala’s next two milestones: launching Kala Listings, Kala’s very own private peer-to-peer trading platform, and expanding the Kala ecosystem. Both of these will prepare for the following milestone, with the plan to go on a public exchange mid-2019.

Kala’s New Milestones


Kala Listings (Coming December 2018) – The Kala Listings platform facilitates the secure peer-to-peer trade of Kala for the first time. With its release, Kala users have the chance to list their Kala and trade it for BTC.

Kala Integration (Coming Early 2019) – Kala will continue to be implemented into unique platforms and applications, further driving the value of Kala. Symatri partners plan to do this in a number of ways, like using Kala for membership enrollment payments, product purchases, and member commission payouts. These use-cases are expected to grow with additional partnerships on the horizon in the coming months. The more use-cases Kala provides, the stronger it becomes, as its applications spread across a variety of markets.

Reach Targeted Hash Power Threshold (Ongoing)As the Kala network continues to grow, we push closer to our targeted network hash power threshold. This level of hash power makes the Kala network more valuable for exchanges, who use it as an indicator that the network is safe and sustainable. While getting on an exchange can be done at any time, creating a network that is desired by the exchanges opens up a new world of opportunity, and creates a more stable framework for Kala and its users in the long run.

Get on a Public Exchange (Coming Mid-2019) – Kala’s strategic pathway will continue with the move to a public exchange mid-2019. This timeframe has been thoughtfully planned, allowing Kala to become stabilized through peer-to-peer trading, establishing use-cases, and a strong network hash power before it is released to the public. The Kala Advisory team is confident in their decision to wait to join an exchange until Kala stands on solid ground, further anchoring value for Kala users.

A Look Back at Recent Milestones

As we look with anticipation to our new milestones, take a look at Kala’s recent progress to see what steps we’ve taken over the last several months.

Begin Mining of Kala Through Exclusive Kala Rigs (July 2018) – Once Kala was issued, Kala mining rigs began actively mining and earning Kala rewards. Owners of Kala Rigs now have the chance to mine Kala from the comfort of their own homes, with the potential to mine thousands of Kala as first adopters. Learn more by reading The Top 5 Reasons to Buy a Kala Rig, and visiting the Kala blog.

Build Kala’s Network (Beginning July 2018)Since the mining rigs first became active, Kala’s network has continued to grow, stabilize, and become more distributed, with mining rigs now located worldwide. With the growth of the Kala network, users can tap into the chance to mine Kala from just about anywhere.

Launch the Kala Wallet (July 2018)  The release of the Kala Wallet was met with much excitement and anticipation, as Kala users could now securely store their Kala in a wallet of their own. The Kala Wallet also makes it possible for users to transfer their purchased or mined Kala, which will be useful as Kala becomes available to trade in the coming months. For more information on the Kala wallet, review Your Kala Wallet is Ready! on the Kala blog.

With new milestones set in place, the Kala Advisory board is more confident than ever that Kala is on the right path. As we continue to consult with crypto experts, partners, and exchanges, we look forward with excitement and the expectation to create value for Kala that lives far beyond the hype.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more updates on Kala’s path, as well as the launch of Kala Listings coming soon! Keep in touch with your Kala emails, the Kala blog, Facebook, and Twitter accounts regularly to stay on track.