Cryptocurrency and blockchain are two power players that are revolutionizing today’s market–and this is just the beginning.

“Blockchain will do for transactions what the internet did for information.” Ginni Rometty, CEO IBM

As the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin ignited a new way of peer-to-peer transactions that turned early Bitcoin miners into millionaires in 2017. Although most of the world missed getting in early with Bitcoin, we are giving the Kala community the opportunity to take part at the very beginning–and reap the rewards–as Kala takes cryptocurrency and blockchain to the next level.

5 Reasons Why You Want to Get in With Kala Rigs

Reason #1: Kala Is a Step Ahead with Its Own Blockchain

In July, Kala launched its own blockchain based on the open-source Bitcoin protocol and mining began. This is just part of our comprehensive strategy, which is making  Kala’s network quickly become a strong and stable blockchain that other businesses want to be a part of and integrate with.

Reason #2: Kala Beat Out 80% of the Competition

A recent study reported that 80% of 2017’s ICOs were scams.

And, Kala isn’t one of them!

Kala continuously secures its place in today’s crypto space by being honest and open with their users, and successfully completing the vital steps required to create a safe and protected crypto coin.

Learn more about the milestones we’ve completed from our recent article, “Kala Hits Blockchain Milestones.”

(Cointelegraph. July 13,2018. “New Study says 80% of ICOs conducted in 2017 Were Scams.”)

Reason #3: Kala Gives More to Early Adopters

Now that Kala’s ICO is over, the only way to get your hands on Kala is to purchase it from other users or mine it. As we continue to carefully and strategically get Kala onto an exchange, purchasing options for Kala are limited, but earning Kala through mining is wide open! Our Group 1 sold out quickly, and Group 2 is now getting in on the game. Billions of Kala will be created through mining in the first year alone.

So, what does that mean for Group 2 Kala miners?  

  • Total # of Kala Released Daily (for the first 4 years) = Approx. 6 Million
  • Total # of Group 1 Miners = 750
  • Total # of Group 2 Miners = 2,500

Which means…Each day app. 6,000,000 Kala are released to at most 3,250 miners (at app. 4 TH/s each) until Group 2 sells out. Do the math yourself and see why Kala Rigs are the mining opportunity people are jumping into!

NOTE: This illustration is for example purposes only. Mining results are based on several factors, such as rig performance and total network hash power, and is not an equal distribution among miners.

Reason #4: Kala Belongs to a Growing Ecosystem

Kala is only valuable if you can use it. The more uses, transactions, and infrastructure, the more stable and secure it becomes. Kala belongs to a growing ecosystem that includes an international network that other businesses want to be part of.

Reason #5: Kala Rigs are Competitively Priced

Mining rigs are valued/priced based on their average ROI (return on investment) – the time it takes to mine and earn back the purchase price for the rig. Based on industry standards, Kala Rigs are currently valued at $8,000 with an ROI of less than a year. However, Kala Rigs Group 2 pricing is only $4,000 USD/per rig (shipping and taxes not included).

There’s only a limited number of Group 2 rigs available; this is an opportunity you don’t want to miss! Become one of Kala’s Group 2 miners, and enjoy all the rewards that Kala offers…

  • Direct mining access to Kala network before the public can
  • Opportunity to mine and earn thousands of Kala
  • Earn Kala valued at $.02 at the close of the ICO
  • Own a safe & protected Kala crypto wallet
  • Be part of a growing, secure network
  • Capitalize on future blockchain opportunities

How to Purchase Your Group 2 Kala Rig

Kala Rigs are sold through our exclusive supplier, Mintage Mining. To purchase a Group 2 Kala Rig, follow these quick and simple steps:

  • Go to our Kala Rigs order page
  • Create a Mintage Mining account
  • Complete the Kala Rig order form

For questions, contact Kala Rig customer service portal HERE.

The race to mine, earn, and win with Kala is happening. Don’t let another mining minute pass you by!