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Kala Mining 


What If….

You were given the chance to go back in time and be one of the first to mine Bitcoin, would you take it? Bitcoin’s first miners:

  • Could earn 200 BTC in two days
  • (May 2019) 200 BTC Value = Over $1.5 million

Not bad for two days of mining work!

Other cryptocurrencies have similar stories: the people participating in the beginning have the opportunity to reap the highest rewards. We want you to have that chance!

Rewards for Being the First to Mine Kala

Billions of Kala will be created through mining in the first year alone, with a controlled supply distribution.

  • Years 1-4: 9 Billion Kala (50% of Lifetime Amount)
  • Years 5-8: 4.5 Billion Kala (25% of Lifetime Amount)
  • Years 9-12: 2.25 Billion Kala (12.5% of Lifetime Amount)
  • The distribution will continue to halve every four years

That’s app. 6 million Kala/day through mining in the first 4 years! The number of Kala being created will be split among the hashpower of active miners each day.

*NOTE: Results are based on rig performance and total network hashpower.

Get Your Calculators Ready!

  • Total # of Kala Being Mined = 18 Billion
  • Group 1 Hashpower = 3,000 TH (3 million GH)
  • Group 2 Hashpower = 10,000 TH (10 million GH)

We are currently building the Kala network in Group 2. That means each day 6,000,000 Kala are released to miners who have portions of – at most – a total of 13,000 TH (13 million GH).

Now, you do the math! How many Kala could you possibly mine in a day?

Mine Your Own Kala

It’s no secret that those who get in early on disruptive technology often enjoy the greatest rewards. Create your very own “I got in first” story with Kala. There are 3 ways to mine your own Kala:

  1. Kala Rig
    • Kala rig purchase are not available at this time
  2. 4TH Mining Contract
    • No longer available
  3. GH Mining Contracts
    • Four contract levels available:
      • 50 GH ($50)
      • 100 GH ($100)
      • 500 GH ($500)
      • 1,000 GH ($1,000)
    • No-fuss Kala mining on Mintage Mining hardware. Mintage optimizes performance & takes care of all configuration and maintenance
    • Requires a monthly service fee ($15 for 50 GH, $30 for all contracts 100 GH or above)
    • Additional maintenance fees on contracts over 100 GH to cover electricity and internet costs


Click below to get in early and start mining Kala today!


*Mining results are based on several factors, such as rig performance and total network hashpower. The mining hashpower will fluctuate, so hashpower is based on an average performance over time.
**Kala mining is not available in the states of Texas, South Carolina, New York, Washington, or Massachusetts.

Kala Rig Education

Click the links below for useful documents and instructions after purchasing a Kala Rig.

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