If you were given the chance to go back in time and be one of the first to mine Bitcoin, would you take it? Bitcoin’s first miners earned 200 BTC from home in just two days. With the current BTC value of around $8,000, those two days of mining would now be worth over $1.5 million.

Recently, Symatri CEO announced an exclusive mining opportunity that puts our Kala community first in line to mine and build Kala’s blockchain network.  Some of the benefits of opening the network include:

  • First to Mine Earn the Highest Rewards
  • Increased Protection & Stability
  • Effective & Decentralized Network

As of today, Symatri Kala’s mining rig pre-sale is NOW OPEN to all Kala users. Once Kala’s blockchain reaches a required hash power threshold, Symatri will complete preparations to get Kala on crypto exchanges, finish integrating Kala into their ecosystem, and publish the blockchain code base. Once Kala’s code is public, anyone can become a node or mine Kala.

How to Purchase a Kala Mining Rig

Kala’s team will be emailing Kala users today with detailed information on how to purchase a mining rig, costs, shipping details, etc. so make sure to check your email! Kala rigs will be offered in a tiered rollout.

For more information, check out these recent blog articles:

The race to be the first to earn and mine is almost here!

Don’t miss out on being first in line!

Check Your Email for Purchasing Information!

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