It’s no secret that there are a lot of unknowns in today’s crypto market. According to a recent study conducted by ICO advisory firm Statis Group, 80% of 2017’s ICOs were identified as scams.*

And, Kala’s ICO was NOT one of them!

In fact, Kala’s advisory team has been fast at work completing seven vital milestones needed to get Kala onto an effective crypto exchange. Take a look!

Vital Steps We’ve Completed for Kala 

✔ Final Stage of Kala ITO Audit—All purchases have been verified and sent to Kala users.

✔ Kala Mining Rig Pre-Sale—First group of Kala rigs sold out in less than 30 days! We are currently selling Group 2 Kala Rigs. 

✔ Finalize Kala Blockchain Code—Kala’s blockchain launched and is operating at an impressive hash rate.

✔ Issue Kala—All purchased Kala has been confirmed in each user’s ICO account.

✔ Begin Mining of Kala through Exclusive Kala Rigs—Group 1 miners have successfully completed their first month of mining and Group 2 began mining this week, August 2018.

✔ Continue Sale of Kala Mining Rigs to Kala Community—Currently selling our Group 2 Kala Rigs, we will continue to open more opportunities to mine and build Kala’s network.

✔ Build Kala’s Network—Hundreds of rigs are currently in operation with more joining in daily. As we continue to grow our stability and decentralization, Kala’s network becomes an opportunity crypto exchanges are eager to accept.

But we didn’t stop there! Last week we also launched the Kala Wallet. This innovative and safe crypto wallet gives Kala owners a protected platform where they can store their own Kala, and send and receive Kala from other Kala Wallet owners.

Things In the Works for Kala

Being accepted onto a crypto exchange requires careful strategy and planning. From network stabilization to increasing network distribution, it is important to have key components in place before taking Kala to the exchanges.

Some of our next Kala steps include:

–Reaching a Target Hash Power ThresholdKala’s network hits a defined hash power threshold exchanges are eager to accept, ensuring that the network is safe and sustainable.

–Getting on an Exchange–Kala is accepted onto crypto exchanges with a stable and consistent value.

–Finish Integrating Kala into Symatri’s EcosystemCORE members and Kala users will soon be able utilize their purchased/earned Kala to purchase items in Symatri’s Reach marketplace.

As you can see, there are more exciting things ahead for Kala and our Kala network! Stay informed by opening all of your emails and check our Kala blog, Facebook, and Twitter accounts regularly.

*Source: New Study Says 80 Percent of ICOs Conducted in 2017 Were Scams

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