Kala Rigs are quickly becoming a buzzword in the crypto community! These innovative mining rigs bring so much opportunity, we’ve created multiple ways for our Kala community to learn and understand how Kala Rigs are changing the mining game. Take a look!

5 Reasons to Get Into Kala Rigs

When you only have a few minutes…

View our Why Kala Rigs one sheet for a quick snapshot of the reasons Kala Rigs are a great opportunity.


When you have some time to dive in…

Read up on each of the 5 reasons with these detailed blog posts.

  1. Kala’s Innovative Blockchain Opportunity
  2. Kala Beats the Competition
  3. Kala Rewards Early Adopters
  4. Kala’s Growing Ecosystem
  5. Kala Rigs Are Competitively Priced

If you’re more visual…

Take a look at this PDF slide presentation that goes into the reasons Kala Rigs are the opportunity you’ve been looking for.

The race to mine, earn, and win with Kala is happening. Don’t let another mining minute pass you by!

How To Purchase Your Group 2 Kala Rig

Kala Rigs are sold through our exclusive supplier, Mintage Mining. To purchase a Group 2 Kala Rig, follow these quick and simple steps:

For questions, contact Kala Rig customer service portal HERE.