Kala’s advisory team has always carefully monitored the crypto environment. We have consulted with crypto experts, partners, and exchanges to determine the best strategies that will protect Kala’s network and solidify its value.

Binance, one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges, agrees that establishing long-term value is the strongest approach. Take a look at some of the factors that Binance considers in determining if a digital asset meets their high level of standard. (See https://bit.ly/2UZ09sU) Kala is building and succeeding in each area.

1. Contribution to a Healthy and Sustainable Crypto Ecosystem

From day one, Kala’s advisory team has been focused on building the framework to support a thriving ecosystem that will provide real, long-lasting value. The Kala ecosystem is made up of several components, each working to support the life and longevity of Kala and build opportunity for the Kala community. The components include: a unique blockchain, the Kala Coin, Kala Wallet, Kala Listings, Mining, Kala Deals, the Kala User Network, and additional applications.

Each strategically designed component of this ecosystem not only gives value to Kala, but also increases uses, transactions, and infrastructure, making Kala more appealing to future partners. By creating a diversified, secure foundation, Kala value is not subject to the perceived price of an exchange, but is instead tied to concrete applications to last for years to come.

2. Commitment of Team to the Project

Kala’s team has stayed true to not only our coin, but the entire ecosystem surrounding it. The cryptocurrency and blockchain space is constantly evolving, and we continue to monitor and adjust as we progress toward our end goal of a strong and stable foundation for long-term utility and value. We have made consistent progress, reaching milestone after milestone. (See our most recent roadmap in Looking Ahead with Kala.)

3. Level and Quality of Development Activity

Kala has built and launched several development projects within the ecosystem: the Kala blockchain, the Kala Wallet, Kala Listings, outside platform integrations, and Kala Deals. In addition, we are finalizing integration with the first Kala Blockchain utilization partner (See Additional Kala Blockchain Use Case Builds Value).

4. Network/Smart Contract Stability

Since Kala’s blockchain is built off the Bitcoin open source code, smart contract stability doesn’t apply. However, we began building our network in July 2018 through mining. We now have a distributed network of thousands of miners with a network hash power that puts us among the top 5 coins in the world. The number of miners and strong hash power provide immense network stability.

5. Level of Public Communication

The Kala team regularly communicates with our community and the public through blog posts on our site (visit https://kalacoin.io/blog/) and via email updates. We are open with our strategy and timelines, even when those are adjusted.

As with all good things, building long-lasting value takes time. But as you can see with Binance’s criteria, Kala is doing it the right way.

Want to get involved? Create a free account and buy Kala through Kala Listings, or start mining Kala of your own with our partner company, Nui.