The Kala Advisory team’s mission has always been to build a complete ecosystem that would provide a variety of uses, a stable foundation, and long-term value for Kala. As we monitor and navigate the evolving cryptocurrency and blockchain space, it has been necessary to make adjustments in order to better follow that mission.

We are happy to announce progress on an additional, exciting function for the Kala blockchain in the intellectual property industry.

Evidence of Creatorship

Anyone who works in creative industries (music, photography, publishing, content writing, film, design, etc.) knows how challenging it is to protect their creative work. Piracy and plagiarism is rampant, especially with the internet. The whole industry has searched for solutions on how to claim and record ownership of not only a finished product, but works in progress.

Kala offers a simple, secure solution to this pervasive problem. The Kala blockchain will be the world’s first exclusive Content Attribution Blockchain. Kala’s Proof of Creation provides a simple, inexpensive way for creators to claim their content with unarguable blockchain evidence. We are already working with our first partner, and expect to launch in the coming months.

The current Kala ecosystem will remain unchanged:

  • The Kala Wallet – free online wallet to store, send, and receive Kala
  • Kala Listings – trading platform for Kala wallet users to safely and securely trade Kala and BTC
  • Kala Deals (beta) – newly launched platform allowing users to use Kala to purchase deals
  • Kala Mining – through rigs or hashrate contracts
  • CORE Points – people can exchange points they earn in CORE for Kala

This additional use-case for the Kala blockchain enhances and expands the Kala ecosystem, providing value for a wide audience beyond the Kala community–and therefore adding value for Kala itself. Content attribution is just one of the possible applications for the Kala blockchain that we’re pursuing, in addition to building out further uses for the Kala coin itself.

Stay tuned for more information as we update our milestones and continue moving forward.